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  Why Career counselling?

The student community faces considerable confusion with regard to choice of courses that would lead them to successful careers. A lot of time and money is spent to prepare a concrete base for one’s career by taking relevant courses. In case the student chooses a profession, which doesn’t match his personality or intelligence, or in areas he/she is not interested, then all his/her preparation would be a waste and he/she may end up as a poor performer and with no satisfaction.

Students are under emotional stress in selecting courses, due to pressure from parents, peer groups and the society - such as the current hype about Engineering/ Business Administration / IT courses. Career Choices made under such pressure will lead to taking up courses/careers that one may not eventually find interesting, absorbing and satisfying.

The Career choice that is made is more or less irrevocable. Career Choices, in our country are usually made when the students enter the 11th grade or when they enter college. It is then, they are confused to decide on courses/ careers. At such difficult, crucial decision making circumstances, career counselling comes to the aid of students and guides them to choose the right career path.

  What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is guidance provided by qualified professionals, after assessing the intelligence, interest and personality of an individual to identify the careers in which the individual will succeed and counsel him/her accordingly. It helps students to select courses based on their level of intelligence, interests, personality and to prepare wisely for appropriate careers.

These three critical factors are better identified and assessed through professional help, as considerable expertise through years of professional training and practical experience are required to properly assess and report on these traits. This is where standardized psychometric tests help in evaluating oneself in a short span of time. It also ensures privacy, as the tests can also be taken at home.

Our Company provides career counselling based on the Psychometric Tests developed by us, over the years. To make our tests available to a large number of students, we are providing our tests online and have designed them in such a way that the test results that appear immediately on completing the test/s on the computer screen are self-interpretable.

  What are Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric Tests are measures of the mental skills, aptitudes and personality traits of people. Only tests that have been “standardized” for their “reliability” and “validity” should be used to get correct results. Psychometric Tests are behavior samples that are uniform, objective and interpretable. They are designed to gauge individual differences.

  What are Intelligence Tests?

Intelligence tests are tests of general intellectual abilities. They measure not only a single trait but also a range of abilities including memory, verbal ability, reasoning skills and numerical ability.

Intelligence is an inborn trait that is universally present in every individual. However all individuals may not possess the same level of intelligence. There is a general perception that higher the intelligence, faster is the mental speed. While this is generally true, the fact is that if the intelligence is higher than what a job demands, the person with a higher intelligence occupying the position will find it boring; whereas, if the intelligence is inadequate for the job, the person will find the job very difficult.

  What are Interest Tests?

Interest tests assess the various “interests” of an individual and classify them into high, medium or low. It is always better to choose a career where one’s interest is high because, only then the person will find the job interesting. His productivity and personal job satisfaction will be high in such jobs.

It is obvious that one will do well in an area where one is interested. Today there is a mad rush to get into professions like Management, Software, IT services etc. But after getting into such services many young people become bored and disinterested. This often leads to mediocre or poor performance. It is therefore necessary to identify the areas of interest of an individual before suggesting careers to him.

  What are Personality Tests?

The personality tests help to measure the traits and characteristics that make a person unique. The various characteristics of an individual such as outgoing, inward looking, calmness, responsible, impulsiveness, emotional stability etc are assessed and a personality profile is developed. These tests measure the enduring characteristics of the person that are significant for interpersonal behavior.

Personality is the uniqueness of a person. It is the collection of emotions, thought and behavioral patterns that is consistent over a period of time. In reality, it has a great impact on the person’s performance. Hence, it is necessary to know one’s own personality in selecting careers.

  Our Online Hope Tests


Our battery of Hope Psychometric Tests, which are now ONLINE include:

Hope test of Intelligence
Hope test of Interest (aptitude)
Hope test of Personality

These tests are now available ONLINE, not only in ENGLISH, but also in HINDI and TAMIL and can be administered anywhere in the world. Students therefore have the option to take the online tests in their preferred language. However, the results of the tests will appear on the computer monitor, only in English.

These tests help the student community to identify careers in which they would be successful and select educational courses accordingly.

Our ONLINE HOPE TESTS are field-tested and are Reliable and Valid. These Psychological Tests have been developed over the years with care under the Guidance of Dr. Mrs.Amirtha Besant Raj Ed.M (Boston), Ph.D., a Boston University trained psychometrician. These tests are duly copyrighted, with Government of India. (No part of these tests can be reproduced in any form, without the express written permission of the copyright holder)

  Duration of Online Hope Tests:

As indicated earlier, our battery consists of 3 Online Tests*. We give below the titles and duration of the tests:

Name of Test – (English, Hindi and Tamil) Duration
1.      Hope Test of Intelligence 40 Minutes
2.      Hope Test of Interest -
              Part I - 30Min
              Part II -10 Min
Around 40 Minutes
3.      Hope Test of Personality Around 40 Minutes

  Test Results

Test results will appear on the screen in English soon after completion of tests, with an option to print out the results. The results are made self-explanatory.

  System Requirement for taking the tests

Internet Explorer 5.5 and above

  For Whom

  • Our tests are designed for individual students desirous of knowing their level of Intelligence, Vocational Aptitude and Personality

  • These tests are specially recommended for students in the 10th standard to help them select proper optional groups in XI Standard and for students in the XII Standard to select appropriate courses in higher studies.

  • Our tests are also recommended for undergraduate and graduate students and students pursuing Professional degrees, to help them in identifying careers in which they will be successful.

  • These tests help educational and vocational institutions, to identify careers/vocations in which the students would excel.

  Fee payable

1.  Our comprehensive battery of tests consist of three tests, namely an Intelligence test, career Aptitude test and Personality test, each of 40 minutes duration. The fee for taking this comprehensive battery of tests is Rs. 1000/- plus service tax payable at 14%, totalling Rs. 1,140/- per student.

However, the individuals also have the option to take only one or two tests and may do so, at the following rates :

  1. Career Aptitude Test Rs. 500 plus service tax, totalling Rs. 570/- per student.
  2. Intelligence Test Rs.400/- plus service tax, totalling Rs. 456/- per student.
  3. Personality Test Rs.400/- plus service tax, totalling Rs. 456/- per Student.

2.Mode of remittance of fee

  Select List of Present & Past Clients

Educational Institution:

v  Canadian Institute of International Studies

v  Future Vista

v  Indian Institute of Knowledge Management

v  Lady Doak College

v  MCC Matriculation School

v  MCC Higher Secondary School

v  Madras Christian College

v  Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development

v  SASTRA University

v  Vikhe Patil Memorial School

A large number of individual students, from all over India, Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Middle East, Canada and Nigeria.
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